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Crystalwing Beetle

These shimmering beetles have a hard exoskeleton infused with crystalline properties. Their crushed exoskeletons can be used to create potions that enhance strength and endurance.

Frostpine Goat

These mountain-dwelling goats have fur that is resistant to extreme cold. Their fur can be harvested to create elixirs that provide temporary resistance to cold temperatures.

Swiftwind Gazelle

These agile and swift gazelles possess glands that secrete a potent natural stimulant. The secretion can be harvested and used to create potions that boost speed and agility.

Thunderhoof Bison

These massive herbivores possess strong electromagnetic energy within their horns. Ground horns can be used to create powders that enhance electrical-based spells and abilities.

Moonshadow Panther

These elusive and nocturnal panthers possess fur that reflects moonlight. Their fur can be used to create potions that enhance night vision and stealth.

Siren's Tear Seashell

These seashells emit a captivating and enchanting melody when held close to the ear. The powdered shell can be used to create potions that enhance charm and persuasion abilities.

Coralback Turtle

These ancient turtles have a thick, hard shell covered in vibrant coral formations. The coral can be harvested and ground into a powder that provides temporary protection against acid-based attacks.

Marshfire Dragonfly

These luminescent dragonflies emit a soft, bioluminescent glow. Their wings can be carefully extracted and used to create potions that provide illumination in dark areas.

Quicksand Viper

These elusive serpents possess venom that slows down the movement of their prey. The venom can be harvested and used to create potions that induce temporary paralysis

Luminous Cave Beetle

A small beetle species that emits a soft bioluminescent glow. The Luminous Cave Beetle is attracted to the glow of Glow Moss and feeds on it. Its iridescent exoskeleton reflects the light, creating a mesmerizing display in the dark recesses of caves.

Crystalback Spider

An adapted Spider species that has developed a hardened, crystal-like exoskeleton. The Crystalback Spider uses its sharp crystalline mandibles to break through rocks and create tunnels in cave systems.

Mirage Serpent

A serpent-like creature that glides effortlessly through the shifting sands of the desert. Its scales possess an iridescent sheen that refracts sunlight, creating illusions and mirages that disorient potential threats.

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