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This hardy plant thrives in the cold and snowy conditions of the mountains. Its leaves and petals contain a potent cooling essence, which can be used in potions to reduce body temperature or create icy spells.


This plant has adapted to the high altitudes and volcanic activity of the mountains. Its roots absorb the geothermal energy, making them warm to the touch. Emberroot can be dried and ground into a powder that provides temporary resistance to fire-based attacks.


This vine-like plant grows along steep cliffs and rocky outcrops. Its leaves generate small static charges, making them crackle with electricity. Stormvine leaves can be infused into potions or ground into a powder that enhances lightning-based spells and abilities.

Silverleaf Fern

This fern has silvery leaves that shimmer in the moonlight. It is often found in shadowed areas of the mountains. Silverleaf ferns possess healing properties and their leaves can be used in poultices and salves to accelerate the natural healing process.

Celestial Orchid

This rare and delicate flower blooms only at high altitudes, near the summit of the tallest peaks. Its petals emit a soft glow, as if touched by starlight. Celestial orchids are highly sought after by alchemists for their ability to enhance magical potency. They are often used in elixirs and potions to increase spellcasting effectiveness.

Avalanche Lily

These small, white flowers burst through the snow in early spring, symbolizing the rebirth and resilience of life in the mountains. The petals of the avalanche lily can be brewed into a potion that provides temporary protection against avalanches and rockslides.

Sunfire Blossom

These vibrant orange flowers bloom in vast fields, absorbing the sun's energy and radiating a warm glow. The petals of the Sunfire Blossom can be harvested and distilled into an oil that grants temporary resistance to fire-based attacks and enhances warmth in cold environments.


This delicate grass species grows in gentle, swaying waves across the plains. When the wind passes through it, Whispergrass emits a soft, melodic whispering sound. The grass blades can be dried and woven into musical instruments, creating enchanting melodies when played.


This slender, quick-growing plant has long, wispy leaves that shimmer with a metallic sheen. Swiftroot possesses potent healing properties, and its crushed leaves can be used to create poultices that accelerate the mending of wounds and hasten recovery from fatigue.

Harmony Blossom

These multi-colored flowers bloom in clusters, representing the diverse harmony of the plains' ecosystem. The petals of the Harmony Blossom can be steeped into a tea that promotes calmness, clarity, and mental focus.

Thunderstruck Oak

A majestic tree found sporadically across the plains, the Thunderstruck Oak has bark that crackles with static electricity. During thunderstorms, the branches of this tree attract lightning, creating a natural spectacle. The bark of the Thunderstruck Oak can be collected and ground into a powder that enhances lightning-based spells and provides a temporary boost to agility and reflexes.


This ethereal plant grows in patches across the plains and emits a soothing fragrance. The leaves and flowers of the Dreamweed can be used in herbal teas and potions to induce vivid dreams, enhance meditation, and promote restful sleep.

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