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Aridara Sands



Dragon Spine

Eastern Isles

Eastern Plains


Hirilindor Expanse

Island of the Crow


Khar-dell, the majestic mountain range stretching across the northern lands, serves as the awe-inspiring backdrop to the great Dwarven metropolis of Khar-dell. For millennia, the resilient Orud-Khazard Dwarves have made these towering peaks their home, crafting a sprawling metropolis that stands as a testament to their mastery of stonework and their indomitable spirit.

Nimrathor Range

Shadowsong Peaks

The Shadowsong Peaks, a foreboding and mysterious mountain range shrouded in eternal darkness, cast an eerie atmosphere over the land. Here, amidst the perpetual night, two races, the Dur-Khazard Dwarves and the Durele Elves, vie for dominion, their existence overshadowed by a shared curse that has shaped their fates.

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